Friday Tidbits For The Weekend

As we head into the weekend, here are a few deals that are worth looking at…

Win Miles And Cruises from AA

american airlines

Win a $3,000 cruise voucher and a bunch of miles.

This sweepstakes shows up from time to time but it costs you nothing and could earn you a nice vacation. Sign up for weekly cruise deals from American and you’ll have a chance to win miles and/or a cruise. First prize is 500,000 miles and a $3,000 cruise voucher, with five other lucky winners picking up 100,000 miles each.

Okay, maybe you’re not that lucky, because you’ll be out of pocket for the taxes, and American values 100,000 miles at $1,990, or about two cents per mile. That valuation used to be legitimate but, sadly, the true value is declining at a rapid rate as mileage inflation takes place.

Total Rewards Survey Love from Say And Play

Casino programs generally have lousy loyalty programs (If you need to earn actual points, you’re not valuable enough to get the big comps.), and Total Rewards (Caesars, Harrah’s, lots of others) is among the lousiest. Points are generally difficult to earn and will only get you a penny each in comps. If you want slot machine credit, they’re worth 0.5 cents each.

Still, free is free, and you have the chance to pick up some easy TR points through Say And Play, a survey company. Sign up and complete your first survey and they’ll give you 500 points, which isn’t bad, considering that it will get you a $5 credit in the casino or keep your points going if they’re about to expire (Total Rewards has a vicious policy of zeroing out your account after just six months of inactivity.).

The Uber Credit Card

uber credit card

Returns are actually pretty good

Wow, everyone has a credit card these days, and the next one up is Uber. It’s a pretty simple hook, with a $100 credit (10,000 points) after spending $500 in the first 90 days, and various lower-valued goodies. But the real juice comes in the bonus categories, with dining earning you 4% back and travel (hotel and airfare) getting you 3%. If you spend heavily on those categories, this free card is worth a look.


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