Free Companion Ticket On Alaska Air Or Virgin America

I have a confession to make: This blog is influenced by geography. The fact that I live on the east coast means that the Big 3 carriers, as well as JetBlue, get the most mindshare. Which is too bad, because Alaska Airlines does not get the attention it deserves.* Flights are comfortable, service is great and, as an added bonus, the executives who run the airline are among the nicest in the industry. That’s right: Believe it or not, the people who work there actually care. We east coasters just aren’t used to that.

Free Alaska Air Companion Ticket

alaska air

We’re “borrowing” the image from Alaska’s website because, well, it’s pretty; Alaska has two cards, the Visa Signature and Platinum Plus

Every airline’s credit card has different benefits, but Alaska Air’s happens to be one of the most valuable from a dollar point of view: When you open the Visa Signature Card (not the Platinum Plus card, which gives you an annual $50 credit), you’ll get a free companion ticket (buy one, get one free) on Alaska Air or Virgin America, which Alaska recently acquired. All it will cost you is fees (starting at $22). There are no blackout dates, so the companion ticket won’t be hard to use. Given how much airline tickets cost these days, getting to bring somebody along for free on a flight is a huge benefit. And every year after the first, you’ll get another companion ticket for $99 (plus fees). Good luck finding a fare that cheap.

The card comes with many of the other perks that normally show up with an airline credit card: a free checked bag for up to seven people, triple points for spending on the airline and bonus points for signing up, depending on which card you get. To qualify for the bonus, you need to spend $1,000 in the first three months and the cards come with either a $50 or $75 annual fee.

Good card, free ticket, great airline. What else can you ask for?

Note: Credit Cards are generally available on the Credit Cards For Charity page. All commissions are donated to charity.


*Beginner’s Hint: Despite the name, the airline flies everywhere, with a huge presence on the west coast and enough of a transcon presence that you can get from one end of the country to the other pretty easily. That convenience will only get better, now that they have acquired Virgin America. Take a look at the company’s route map.


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