Environmental Sins And Mobile Madness…

Citi Violates The Environment…

Okay, look, I try to remain apolitical in this blog, but seriously, Citi, exactly how much cardboard do you need to hold a credit card? My new Citi AA Executive Card came yesterday and, to say the least, it was over-packaged. Keep in mind that we’re talking about a credit card. It had an outer box:

That’s a 20 oz bottle for size comparison purposes

And then it had an inner box:

Inside the inner box, of course, was an envelope full of papers, disclosures and other trinkets that would encourage me to use my card.

If your local forest is missing extra trees, you know who to blame.

Fun with Mobile

Every time you use technology to interact with a travel provider, it costs them less money. Fortunately, they are often willing to reward you for such.* Here are two opportunities:

Marriott: From now until May 31, Marriott is giving you a chance to earn 3.75 million miles whenever you use the Marriott Mobile App. “Usage” is defined as making a reservation, checking in or using the “Mobile Request” feature, and you can enter up to 20 times during the promotion period (no more than one per day).

Hilton: Book a room through the mobile and they’ll give you 500 points per stay through the end of the year. This promotion does require registration.


*One of my favorites of these promotions is actually not a technology gig, but rather, skipping housekeeping. At Westin and Sheraton hotels, you can take advantage of the “Make A Green Choice” program. Skip housekeeping and they’ll give you SPG points as a thank you. It saves the company water, chemicals and labor costs.


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