eMiles Ups Its Game With New Site

I’m a big fan of doing surveys to earn extra points. You won’t earn a ton of miles overnight, but the surveys are generally quick, and it never hurts to pick up a few hundred points here and there. They’re gimmes. I do mine while watching TV.

eMiles Relaunches Its Site, And It’s Better


My list of redemption partners

eMiles has always been one of my favorite survey sites. Clicks and surveys generated fast miles and the site had a variety of redemption partners, both airline and non-airline. Most of the points came from clicking on advertisements, but there were other opportunities, as well. My only problem with the site was its poor graphics and user unfriendliness.

They’ve fixed that problem with the new site, however, which is much easier to use. Mileage earning opportunities are listed by category, allowing you to choose a particular method of earning or even what types of offers you get. The reward options haven’t changed, and the option to redeem at Starbucks or Amazon gives you choices if you don’t want to redeem for miles.

In terms of how to earn, the previous iteration of eMiles had been to get five points each time you clicked on an advertiser’s link. Not exactly exciting, but steady. The new version has fewer of these clicks, but it does have more opportunities to earn a higher number of points through surveys or shopping. My feeling is that the surveys are the sweet spot, particularly because you can choose whether you want to take a longer or shorter one. It’s also helpful to fill out your profile on the page, which will give you that many more options to earn.

Bottom line: The redesigned eMiles is a home run. It’s easier to earn points, there are more opportunities to do so and the redemption options are not only varied but also easy to achieve. Signup is free, which means you should do so even if you don’t plan on using the site frequently. You never know when a few extra miles will come in handy.



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