Discover Deals Are Dead

I’ll end the week with some sad news, although it really isn’t news, since it happened six months ago. Discover Deals are dead.*

Discover Deals Have Ended


At the end of October, Discover folded its “Discover Deals (DD)” program. DD was a cash-back shopping portal that gave you money back for making purchases at participating stores. Shopping portals are just what they sound like: Shop through the link on Discover’s website and the merchant would give Discover a commission, which it would then share with you. Discover’s was well-known for its variety of merchants and generous rebates. No online store paid back less than 5%, which means you always got a decent rebate. While there was some question about whether you actually needed a Discover card when it first launched, by the end you definitely had to have one to access the shopping portal.

There are still a number of rebate sites available. Some offer miles, some offer cash. Generally, I’ve found the cash rebates to be more valuable. Here is a list of my favorites (for both reliability and percentage back), but the bottom line is that you should never shop online without getting something back.


*So why bring this up now? I realized that I’d never written about it, and I’m one of Discover’s biggest fans, so I didn’t want to ignore what I view as a negative change.

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