Discover Card 5% Categories for 1Q16

For those of you with a Discover It card, make sure to register for the first quarter bonus (They’ll send you an email or you can go to the website.) and you’ll get 5% back on all gas station and ground transportation purchases up to $1,500. That’s an extra $75 if you use it right.

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 9.09.13 AMThe extra $300 per year is nice and you could do worse than the Discover It card, which gives you double points (at a penny per point) for the first year, but the real upside to this card is that it gives you access to the Discover Deals portal, a cash back shopping site that gives you a minimum of 5% back on purchases. I’ve got a page about shopping rebates here and they remain one of the top deals you can find online.

The Discover It card has no annual fee and no foreign exchange fees and is an excellent card to have just for the Discover Deals alone. Everything else is gravy.. You can find it under the blue cash back link at the bottom of this page.

Bottom Line: Don’t let free cash go to waste.

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And finally, you can apply for credit cards through the Credit Cards for Charity link above. All card proceeds are donated to charity, so please do well by doing good!

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