Discover Announces Spring 5% Categories (For An Easy $75)

The Discover It cash back card represents one of the best unknown values in credit card land. It doesn’t come with a sexy sign-up bonus, but it’s quarterly bonuses more than make up for that. Let’s take a look at the card.

Discover Cards (Overall)

Discover is one of the strongest cards when it comes to soft benefits and fee-free living. At one time, it was hard to find merchants who took the card, but partnerships and the greater use of credit cards overall have brought the company into the mainstream. It’s now one of the easiest, and least expensive, cards to use. Among other benefits:

  • Discover cards have no annual fees. They’re free from day one.
  • For those of you who travel abroad, you can say goodbye to foreign transaction fees. Discover cards don’t have any.
  • Customer service is all US-based and, more importantly, they actually pick up the phone when you call. No endless phone menus.

The Quarterly Bonuses

discover it

Five percent cash back categories for April through June

One of the best perks of Discover cards, though, is one that changes every 90 days. Each calendar quarter, Discover offers a spending category that turns the traditional one percent cash back into a five percent juggernaut. It may be online shopping, warehouse clubs or supermarkets. And for the period from April through June, you’ll get cash back from local travel. For the first $1,500 that you spend during that period, you’ll get a five percent rebate on all purchases from ride sharing companies Lyft and Uber, as well as gas purchases. That’s $300 per year by making purchases that you’d probably be making, anyway.

Discover cards definitely have a place in your wallet. Consider getting one and using it for the quarterly bonuses.


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