Delta Sky Club Changes: Eliminating Day Passes, Raising Prices

Delta announced two changes at its Sky Club lounges yesterday, one good and one potentially bad. Here’s a quick peek:

Goodbye, Day Passes

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Getting an email with this title gives me the same feeling as when a pilot starts an announcement with, “Well, folks…” while we’re stuck on the runway

Most people know that major airlines offer lounges, which are generally membership-based and charge a fee. What a lot of travelers don’t know, though, is that some airlines will sell non-members a day pass, which gives you a nice place to relax when you get a six-hour weather delay.

That’s no longer the case at Delta, which is eliminating the ability to buy your way in for the day. I view the change as a good thing for current lounge members. Lounges are getting increasingly crowded, as increasing numbers of people own credit cards that can get them access. Delta in particular needs some crowd control, since it also lets its top-tier Diamond members in. I’m guessing that they don’t sell a ton of day passes but, combined with rules that limit access to the day of flight, it may be just a little easier to find a seat.

Hello, Higher Prices

delta, sky club

Just get a high-end credit card

Lounge memberships were never cheap, and that won’t change in 2019, as Delta announced a price increase of $50-100, depending on whether you get the individual or “family” membership. It shouldn’t move the needle too much, though. For most people, it makes more sense to get the Delta Reserve American Express card, which comes with lounge access, as well as a bunch of other benefits. It costs $450 per year which, last time I checked, was less than $450.


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