Delta: Double Miles With Partners, Potential Extra Credit Card MQMs

When airlines first launched frequent flyer programs, they only intended for the miles to serve as a device to influence your future flying behavior. I don’t think anyone imagined the extent to which miles would become such an integral part of travel, nor how profitable the venture could be. Over the past few decades, airlines have started to play with the profit formula for their currency, and no carrier has done more tinkering than Delta.

Double Partner Miles on Delta


Earn double Delta miles if you didn’t use these partners in 2017

One way that airlines sell miles is through shopping partnerships. Delta offers a portal to the merchant, who gives you a bonus based on how much you spend. And through May 31, you can earn double miles by shopping through new partners. But there’s a catch: You only get double miles if it’s a partner that you didn’t use in 2017.* Be sure to read the terms and conditions, because you are limited to certain partner types, including Hotels/Airbnb, Car Partners (and Lyft), SkyMiles Shopping, SkyMiles Dining, SkyMiles Cruises and FTD/Vinesse. You also need to register.

Option two is to skip the airline shopping sites and simply earn cash. Based on the amount of cash you can get, or how much you value your miles, this could be the better option. I talk about cash-back shopping here.

Delta Offering Extra MQMs with Cards (Targeted?)

One of the benefits of Delta’s premium credit cards is that you can earn Medallion Qualifying Miles (MQM), or miles that count toward elite status, with it.** For the Reserve card, $30,000 in spend each year gets you 15,000 MQM, and you’ll get 15K more at 60,000 in spend. For the Platinum card, the numbers are $25K/10K and then another 10K MQMs at $50,000.

According to Flyertalk, though, some consumers are being targeted for an additional spending tier, giving you another bonus if you spend an additional $30,000 or $25,000, depending on which card you have. It appears that they are only targeting certain customers who have personal cards, not business cards. If you want to see if you can get in on the deal, according to one poster, the codes are as follows (You’ll need to call and request being added.):

Platinum: 12222CTL6

Reserve: 22222CTLF

Posters have had mixed reviews.


*After spending more time thinking about this issue than I should, I’ve decided that I will give credit to the first place that I saw a piece of news, not the site where that person saw it. In this case, I first saw this deal at View From the Wing.

**If you’re not seriously interested in the status, though, there are better ways to spend your money. The reward of one mile per dollar spent (two miles per dollar on Delta) is paltry.


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