Clear: Your Accelerated Fast-Pass Through Security

I was flying out of Boston’s Logan Airport today when I noticed an addition to the TSA checkpoint: The airport is rolling out Clear lanes in Terminal A. I’ve talked about Clear before, but here’s a quick reminder, since it’s now closing in on four dozen locations.

What Is Clear?

If TSA precheck is the “elite status” for checkpoints, then Clear is the VIP. It’s a private company (partially owned by Delta) that verifies identities for passengers and speeds them through the checkpoints. Registration is easy and available at locations that offer Clear. Fill out an online form, scan your fingerprints & eyes and you’ll be all set to go.

The advantage to Clear is speed. With TSA pre-check, there’s still a line to get to the ID check, and there’s always the chance that you will be “randomly selected” to go through the regular screening. With the Clear lane, there’s none of that. Once they verify your fingerprints and scan your eyes, they’ll march past the ID checker and right to the metal detector. It almost takes you back to the days when you could arrive at the airport 15 minutes before boarding and still make it onto your flight.

What’s The Cost?

Clear membership cost

Clear is not free, of course. In return for your time, you’re going to have to fork over your credit card. The list price is $179 per year, and allows you to add up to three family members for $50/year each. You can bring the under-18 crowd with you for free.

Fortunately, there’s no need for you to pay sticker. Because Delta owns a small percent of Clear, they’ve arranged for their SkyMiles members to get a discount.

clear de

Be sure to negotiate off the sticker price

  • General members pay $119 per year.
  • Elite members, except for Diamond, pay $119, a $10 discount.
  • Diamond members get Clear access for free.


Now, if only somebody could tell me how the ID checks make anyone more secure. But that’s a topic for another day.

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