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What will American AAdvantage look after the merger?

Welcome aboard to everyone who found this site through a link to the Princess Bride post. You can click here to get a little more information about the blog. I hope you stick around. -Mike With American and US Airways merging their reservation systems in October, I’ve gotten some questions about the future of the …

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UFB Direct dramatically devalues debit card

While my favorite bank for earning American Airlines is BankDirect, a close second, until recently, was UFB Direct, which gave one mile for every two dollars spent on its debit card.  Unfortunately, I’m now using the past tense for the latter, because the bank significantly devalued the card a few days ago. As of June, …

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Earning American miles with UFB Direct

The most frequent requests I get are for strategies to earn American miles.  There are the traditional ones that can be used for any airline (shopping sites, credit cards, etc.), and then there are those that are unique to American.  This one is in the latter category.  It involves UFB Direct, a subsidiary of BofI. …

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