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Bonus Miles to Australia or New Zealand

bonus miles to australia or new zealand

The Crocodile Dundee obsession may have died out two decades ago (three decades?), but American is announcing a new promotion to Australia, anyway. And, just for good measure, they’re throwing in New Zealand. Up to 50,000 Bonus Miles American is offering a promotion that we see frequently: bonus miles to a particular destination during what …

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Double Qantas Points to Auckland

Whenever an airline launches a new route, it does what it can to garner attention for the flight. In the case of major route announcements, you’ll often get a bonus. In this case, it’s Los Angeles to Auckland. Fly that route between June 25 and February 28, 2017 (excluding December 15-January 20) and you’ll pick …

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All Kinds of Fun Credit Card Stuff

Credit card opportunities are always beginning, ending or moving down under. Here are a few things to keep in mind. 75,000 Points for a Hilton Visa Just as Marriott upped the ante last week, Hilton has raised its bonus, too. You’ll now get a 75,000 bonus for signing up and spending $2,000 in the first …

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