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250 Free United Airlines Miles From MyPoints

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I’ve talked about MyPoints before but, after having gotten a reminder that they are offering 250 miles to sign up, I thought that it is worth mentioning again. Free United MileagePlus Miles from MyPoints MyPoints is a site that gives you rewards for taking surveys, shopping online, etc. Rewards typically come in the form of …

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500 Free And Easy United Miles


Free miles. No, seriously, free. No purchase necessary. Free United Airlines Miles This one is as good as it gets. Sign up for MyPoints, a free site that offers you points for shopping* or clicking on emails, and get 500 United Airlines miles. That’s it. Give out an email, get miles. I am a MyPoints …

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Miles Or Cash for Flowers

A few weeks ago, I talked about the benefits of getting miles or cash for shopping online. Today, I’m going to talk about one of the items that pays the best: Buying flowers online. Note: The quality of online flowers is generally not the highest, since the companies work with partner merchants and take a …

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500 Free United Miles from MyPoints

Welcome back, and I hope that everyone had a happy and safe Thanksgiving. MyPoints And United I love free points, no matter how I get them or who they are for. In this case, they are United miles from MyPoints, an online shopping site. Simply sign up for the site and they will give you …

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500 Free United Miles, A First-Class Sale and LAX News

MyPoints Is Back: 500 United Miles MyPoints, an online affiliate site, is back with a bonus offer, this time for 500 United Airlines Mileage Plus miles. MyPoints gives you points for such things as clicking on a link, watching a video or shopping through the site. While shopping through their site is the fastest way …

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750 free United Airlines miles (I think.)

An offer went out to United Airlines credit card holders as seen here, but I see nothing in here to indicate that not everyone is eligible. Worst case scenario, you get the base 500 miles. It’s rare that you get free miles just to sign up for something, but MyPoints, an online shopping and affiliate …

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Earning points and miles for taking surveys

The most common question I get is “How can I easily earn XXX,000 miles by next week so that I can book a first class trip to YYY?  Fortunately, that’s also the easiest question to answer: Sadly, you can’t.  While there are numerous alternatives to flying as a way to earn miles, I have yet …

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Up to 1,500 free United miles (including an easy 500 for free)

Today, I’m introducing a category that I am going to call “gimmes.”  A “gimme” is an offer where you have to do virtually nothing to get free miles.  The mileage amounts aren’t huge, but they’re free and they add up. United Airlines has partnered with an organization called MyPoints.  MyPoints gives you their own proprietary …

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