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Basic Economy: Take Advantage Of ULCCs (Without Flying Them)

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ULCCs, or “ultra-low cost carriers” are the airlines that everyone loves to hate. They’re the Spirits and Frontiers of the world, with incredibly low teaser prices but fees for everything, including bags, pre-boarding, a can of Coke, etc. Passengers frequently complain about them, but they are growing faster than any other airlines, meaning that there’s …

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Ultra-Low Cost Carriers Partner Up. Game Changer?


The world of ultra-low cost carriers (ULCC) just got interesting, as Frontier and Mexico’s Volaris announced a codeshare* between the two, the first that I know of between North American ULCCs. As seen on Flyertalk. A Quick Review Airlines are not one-size-fits-all. Here’s a quick review of a few different categories: Legacy, or network, carriers, …

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United Airlines: This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things


United Airlines’ Operational “Improvements” This one is going to be quick, because it’s more a matter of something that tickled my funny bone than anything else. United Airlines has its quarterly analyst conference call this morning and, of course, it started off with some unintentional humor. Management started off by bragging about its employees’ “new …

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United Joining AA in Considering No-Frills Fares

At an industry conference yesterday, United Network Manager Doug Leo stated that the company is looking at introducing no-frills fares, similar to the ones that Delta offers and that American announced in its third quarter conference call. In particular, Mr. Leo referred to “segmented” fares which, similar to ultra-low-cost carriers, come with a seat only. If …

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