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Why Expedia (And Other OTAs) Is Not Your Friend

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It’s always a bummer when I have almost completed a post and then have to put it on hold as new information becomes available. But hey, the world of travel is busy. Don’t Book Your Hotel through An Online Travel Agent (OTA) OTAs such as Expedia are an excellent source to search for hotels. One …

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Yet another reason not to book hotels through online travel agents (OTAs)

Last week, the Wall Street Journal ran an article about a family that booked a room through Expedia, only to find out two days before their trip that the hotel was cancelling the reservation, since it had oversold the property (The article might be behind a paywall, but I can give you what you need to …

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American Airlines pulls fares from Orbitz

Claiming a dispute with Orbitz over pricing, American Airlines pulled its fares from Orbitz this morning as of today for travel after September 1. Fear not if you have already booked with Orbitz; your ticket is still good. If you need to make changes, however, you need to call American. Okay, here’s the fun part. …

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Expedia: Double up your rewards through this travel website

While many of us book our flights and hotels directly through the company’s website, there is a way to double up on rewards.  All of the major online travel companies (Expedia, Travelocity, etc.) have reward programs that encourage you to book through them.  These points are in addition to any miles you earn on a …

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