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American Airlines Promo: Earn 10,000 AAdvantage Miles

American Aadvantage

Several weeks ago, Delta introduced a promotion that gave you miles for every new Delta partner that you used. Last week, American also introduced a partner bonus promotion.* Does it rank as well as Delta’s? Earn 10,000 American AAdvantage Miles In a word, no. Sure, it looks good: You get 2,500 miles per partner if you use …

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Delta SkyMiles Partner Promotion: 1,000 Miles Per New Partner


Many moons ago, US Airways used to run a promotion that they called the “Grand Slam Promotion.” They would give you bonus miles based on the number of mileage partners* that you used. You could earn up to 100,000 miles, and the challenge was generally who could get to 100K with the least out of …

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United Miles: Free 1,000 Miles

One of my favorite ways to earn miles is a Dining for Miles program. You simply link your frequent flyer program to a credit card and then use that card at a participating restaurant. You’ll get miles based on how much you spend. It’s free to join. Normally, you have to dine out at least …

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Eating and Shopping for Fun and Miles

As we approach the holidays, you’ll get more and more offers to help separate you from your cash. Just remember Rule #1: Never shop without getting something back for it. Dining for Miles Crude but effective. Restaurants that have trouble generating traffic at a particular time of day (or at all) are willing to partner …

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American Airlines and US Airways prepare to merge mileage programs

It’s almost that time.  Sometime next calendar quarter, AA and US Airways will be combining their programs as the airlines face the integration, which is largely a 2015 event.  I tend to believe that the integration will go well; unlike with the United-Continental merger, where everything that could go wrong did so, US Airways (who …

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The most valuable miles are from…Alaska Airlines?

I have to admit, I’ve always had a soft spot for Alaska Airlines.  My first flight ever on them was the “Milk Run,”  flight that starts in Seattle and stops at a few of the southeast cities in Alaska before finally getting to Anchorage.  The scenery was beautiful and I had a chance to meet …

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Delta: What you need to know about earning miles

It quickly became apparent to me that trying to do one post with everything that you need to know about Delta is too much for one post, so I’m going to split it up a bit.  Since earning and redeeming miles are what most people are interested in, we’ll start there. With 2014 almost over, …

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How to eat your way into an award: Dining for miles

One of my favorite ways to earn miles is at restaurants.  Virtually every airline has a free program that allows you to earn miles for eating at participating restaurants.  The proposition is simple: You simply attach your frequent flyer number to a credit card and earn miles for every dollar that you spend.  Consider it …

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