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Specials on Virgin and travel hints in the media

By the way, my apologies to those of you who typed in a risqué Google search and ended up here.  I’m talking about Virgin the airlines. Because of ownership restrictions, Virgin America and Virgin Atlantic have only loose ties, but both carry Richard Branson’s signature touches and both are offering some interesting specials. Our domestic …

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The most valuable miles are from…Alaska Airlines?

I have to admit, I’ve always had a soft spot for Alaska Airlines.  My first flight ever on them was the “Milk Run,”  flight that starts in Seattle and stops at a few of the southeast cities in Alaska before finally getting to Anchorage.  The scenery was beautiful and I had a chance to meet …

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Weekend update: United meals, Cathay in Boston, JetBlue silliness

United Meals: In a rare enhancement (the good kind) of in-flight services, United announced that it is replacing its snack box meals in First with food that you may actually want to eat, including wraps, entree salads and hot sandwiches.  And while they were, in fact, designed by airline chefs, they look pretty good, anyway. …

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