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How Technology Has Changed Hotels

Every year during February’s “ski week” school vacation, I have an industry conference that I attend (not the travel industry, fortunately). The hotel that hosts the conference can be charitably described as “classic.” Rooms are tiny, there’s not much in the way of technology and service is a bit stuffy. Still, I don’t spend a …

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Delta Improves Its AirBNB Partnership


Delta has upped its partnership rate with Airbnb, allowing you to earn bonus miles on all stays through April 30, 2018. Delta And Airbnb Airbnb, which allows individuals to rent out their homes in much the same way that Uber provides ride service, has been picking up partners and has now joined with Delta to …

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Bits and Pieces from around The Travel Industry

One of the nice things about the travel industry is that, when there aren’t any great mileage promotions, there’s always something interesting going on. Or, in this case, a bunch of something interestings…   You Can Travel Like a Millennial (But Do You Want To?) I’ll say up front that I’m not a Millennial. I …

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Airbnb Goes Themed and a Las Vegas Starwood Promotion

Apparently, the Airbnb market has gotten pretty competitive. Over the long run, that should be good for customers, as competition will lower prices. To keep prices higher, some properties are going to interesting lengths to generate a premium. The Netflix Suite It’s a hotel room! It’s a movie theater! No, wait, it’s both! Yes, for …

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An Unusual Delta Promotion, AA Knows why I Fly and the World’s Largest Lodging Company?

Delta and…Four Seasons? I guess it’s not the “Delta” part of the promotion that I just received, but rather, the Four Seasons part. While the upscale Four Seasons chain works with preferred partners to provide amenities to certain customers, I’ve never seen them offer anything as gauche as miles. And while it’s only a handful of …

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