British Airways Gets Really, Really Creepy…

I don’t remember where I first heard this story, but I can’t believe that I’m the only person creeped out by it.

Blue Pill Or Red Pill

british airways pill

They know why you fly                                                       Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Airlines have been taking away amenities for the past several years and only recently begun to add some back. This amenity, however, is one that I don’t really want.

Last year, British Airways filed a patent for an ingestible sensor. Apparently, it sends a signal to the crew telling them just how you are feeling. It will measure your temperature, stomach acidity, etc. to tell if you are too hot, hungry or, maybe, if you really, really need to go to the bathroom. Yup, that’s right. You could have a flight attendant show up at your seat and say, “Our body sensors just told us that you are hungry. Would you like to purchase a snack?”

I see a lot of potential problems with this technology, aside from the icky feeling you would get just by knowing that it exists. For example, what happens if the sensor indicates that I’m too hot but the passenger next to me is too cold? Or what about if someone’s really angry? Could that get mistaken for hunger? And what else will they know about me? Will they know if I voted for Hillary or The Donald? Lefty or Righty? Innie or Outie?

Sometimes, new technology is just best left well enough alone.


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