Bed Bugs, Unwritten Rules and JetBlue’s Viral Video

It’s just been another odd week.

Bed Bugs on BA

Eww. Not only did British Airways fly a plane with bed bugs in it but, apparently, it also knew that there was a bug problem and that it hadn’t been completely cleaned up. Oddly, the bugs chose to fly coach, leading the passengers in row 47 being moved and the row blocked off. Which leads to a bizarre question: When was the last time a plane went out with an empty seat?

Haunted Bed Bugs

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 3.22.11 PMOh, it gets better. In the oddest NBA story of the week, Cleveland Cavaliers star Kyrie Irving left a game against Oklahoma City with a case of…bed bugs? Apparently, the guard had been forced to sleep on the couch in his room because his bed was infested with the little critters. And this is not a hotel where you want to mess around; it’s also got a reputation as being haunted. An investigation by the hotel did not turn up any nasties, meaning that he got the worst type of beast: the ghost of bed bugs past.

Unwritten Rules on American

Every airline has unwritten rules. We’re moving more into “Frequent Flyer Miles 201” here, but it’s always worth hearing about them when they pop up. I benefited twice from American’s unwritten rules this weekend.

American is one of the most generous carriers when it comes to changing award tickets. As long as the award type, origin and destination remain the same, they will generally allow you to change most other pieces of the itinerary. But even the award type can be flexible. Although they will usually charge you to change a business class award into a coach award, if you are upgrading your class of service, they’ll generally waive the fee. I had to switch a coach award to a business class award this weekend and the agent tried to charge me the $150 change fee. Had I not known about the unwritten rule, I might have paid. As it was, I asked the agent to check on it and, indeed, there was no charge.

Executive Platinum (the top tier) members on American receive eight (although, going forward, it will be four) eVIPs, which allow them to upgrade a flight anywhere that American flies. And while you are technically supposed to fly by the expiration date on the certificate, the majority of agents will book it for you, anyway. If you find one that is a stickler for the rules, follow the HUACA policy (Hang up and call again.).

The Case of JetBlue and The Viral Video

Every once in a while, JetBlue will do something because, well, it seems like fun. Check out the following video, where JetBlue offered a group of passengers a free ticket anywhere they fly, with a catch:



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