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Basic Economy: Take Advantage Of ULCCs (Without Flying Them)

ulcc, basic economy

ULCCs, or “ultra-low cost carriers” are the airlines that everyone loves to hate. They’re the Spirits and Frontiers of the world, with incredibly low teaser prices but fees for everything, including bags, pre-boarding, a can of Coke, etc. Passengers frequently complain about them, but they are growing faster than any other airlines, meaning that there’s …

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Uber, Lyft, Las Vegas And The Death Of Taxis

uber, lyft

I was in Las Vegas last week and, for the most part, got from hotel to hotel by walking. But when I needed to go someplace farther away, I did something that I had never done before (in Las Vegas): I took a ride share. It occurred to me at the time just how quickly …

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Um, About Those Elite Upgrades…

delta, revenue management

For those of you with elite status with an airline, particularly those at the top of the pyramid, you’ve probably gotten used to at least the occasional upgrade to First Class or whatever version of “Economy Plus” your airline has. I have some bad news: The airlines are working hard to make those upgrades go …

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Marriott 29 Ways To Stay Promotion

marriott megabonus

Well, we’re back. An undetermined technical error seems to have caused the loss of the last six months of posts, but I’m hoping that the worst is past. Marriott 29 Ways To Stay Marriott is currently running a lousy MegaBonus, with the ability to earn points even worse than usual. Their technical expertise being what …

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Maintenance Ahead…

Due to some maintenance issues, the site will be down for an undetermined period of time. I’m hoping that it’s not long. Thank you. Want to subscribe? Just enter your email in the box above (and to the right) and click on the confirmation. GMailers, check your Social or Promotions boxes! Follow me on Twitter …

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Fly Across The Atlantic In Business For Less

virgin atlantic

I’ll start by saying this: International business class is almost never cheap. Please don’t equate “for less” with “cheap.”   One of the best uses of frequent flyer miles is international travel, particularly in premium classes of service. Airlines have made changes to their redemption policies that have made it more expensive, sometimes prohibitively so, …

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Spirit Airlines Adding Wi-Fi Onboard

I got an email from Spirit Airlines telling me that they had a “big announcement.” Okay, it wasn’t that big, but it was nice to know that, by next summer, Spirit will be joining the 21st century and adding Wi-Fi onboard. Is Spirit Getting Better? Spirit Airlines, an ultra-low cost carrier,* is never going to …

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Boeing Continues To Win The Long-Haul Game


If it seems like somebody’s always announcing an order for a new plane or fleet type, there’s a reason: Somebody’s always announcing an order for a new plane or fleet type. While there are countless  numbers of planes, two manufacturers dominate the market, Boeing and Airbus. And for now, Boeing is winning the war. Of …

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NYC Times Square Marriott Marquis Review

I don’t tend to write a lot of individual hotel reviews, given their limited audience, but when I have the chance to write about one of Marriott’s highest profile hotels in a high profile location, I figure that it’s worth a few minutes. And I was surprised by something: I liked it. The room product …

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Marriott Rolls Out New Credit Cards; Premier Plus Looks Interesting

marriott rewards

As Marriott moves to combine the Starwood and Marriott Rewards programs, it is taking a necessary first step and rolling out its credit cards. Initial bonuses are often the best you’ll see for a while, so it’s worth taking a look. Marriott Rewards Premier Plus The new card that caught my attention was the Marriott …

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