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US Airways moves to oneworld alliance: Let the status matches begin!

Congratulations, US Airways, you’ve taken another step toward the merger’s culmination by switching alliances, in particular, moving from Star to oneworld.  Now, US Airways members will have a completely different list of carriers on which they can use their miles. One of the big benefits of alliance changes is that previous alliance members start offering status …

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Cleaning up errors

You may be getting an error message if you click on a post from a previous page and try to continue reading.  I am working on the error and hope to have it sorted out shortly. Thank you for your patience. Note: We appear to be fixed for now.  Thanks again. Want to subscribe? Just …

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My favorite use of miles on American Airlines (domestic)

Here’s why small amounts of miles can add up.  My favorite use of miles is domestic upgrades.  A one-way upgrade from coach to first on a two-class plane costs only 15,000 miles and $75.  15,000 miles may seem like a lot, but considering that they will give you as many as 100,000 for signing up …

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American Airlines: 1,050 free miles (free and easy)

GIMME ALERT! American Airlines is giving you 1,050 miles for a few clicks.  You do need a Facebook account (Read here if you hate FB and don’t want to give up your personal info.) to play, but you simply answer a few trivia questions and earn your points.  It goes through May and can be found …

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Delta changes may shift buying patterns

A few weeks ago, I discussed the changes that Delta is making to its frequent flyer program, which will emphasize dollars spent over distance.  I hypothesized that travelers, particularly those who have someone else paying for their ticket, would look to spend more money. Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal had an article on just that subject.  If …

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Elite Status Challenge on JetBlue

Elite Status on an airline is a pretty powerful loyalty program.  The benefits from status often save you annoying fees and bump you to the front of the line for boarding, security, etc.  It’s normally earned by flying a large number of miles, spending a large number of dollars, or both, on a single airline/partnership in …

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American and JetBlue get divorced

But it was a nice marriage while it lasted. American Airlines recently announced that it was eliminating its partnership with JetBlue Airways.  It was really a partnership of convenience for American and a seat-filler for JetBlue, so the latter will be the loser in this deal. Prior to the announcement, AA had an agreement with …

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Out of office notice

It’s my silly season for travel, so I’ll be out the next week.  I’ll try to keep up but can’t make promises.  See you in a week or so! Want to subscribe? Just enter your email in the box above (and to the right) and click on the confirmation. GMailers, check your Social or Promotions …

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Meeting credit card minimum spend

The easiest way to get miles, bar none, is to sign up for a new credit card.  Many are offering up to 100,000 miles to sign up and hit a certain amount of spending within a particular period of time, usually three months.  But suppose you aren’t a big spender?  In that case, you have …

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Two thoughts on magazines

Not always a hot topic in the world, but magazines are a big topic for airline miles. 1) Earning miles: Somebody always has a promo going for magazines.  It’s a purchase you should never make without getting something back for it.  In this case, Delta is offering 15 miles/dollar at their online store.  But the …

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