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Some Final Words…

Well, it’s the good news and bad news piece. Good news: My (and a friend’s) other blog, The Travel Game, is doing great. Starting off with a base of readers and competent developer definitely helped. I’m spending a lot of time over there. Bad news: Given the time that I’m spending over there, it has …

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Get Great Value For Your Travel Dollar In Baltimore

Get And we’re back! A little bit later than I expected, but back nonetheless. Every so often, I like to do something different and talk about individual cities instead of the miles and points that you can use to get there. Today, I wanted to look at one of the country’s most underrated locations. It’s …

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Out Of Office Notice

Hi all. I’m going to be out of town for the next couple of weeks. There will continue to be posts on LVA Travel, so keep up there.     Want to subscribe? Just enter your email in the box above (and to the right) and click on the confirmation. GMailers, check your Social or …

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Air Canada, Discover And Posts From The Week

Hmm, let’s see, what’s going on these days? You could be an unfortunate Air Canada customer who got locked on the plane. Anxiety disorder or not, I really wouldn’t want to wake up on an empty plane. And how did they miss a passenger? Certain Discover cards offer 5% cash back bonus categories each calendar …

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Just How Loyal Is Your Loyalty Program?

Some of what we’ve published at LVA Travel: Cash back shopping is a way to make your purchases work for you. Here’s how it works. Will your points and miles expire? Take a look at the expiration policies of some major companies. Added bonus: a picture of a monkey looking into a can. A post …

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Closing Old Credit Cards (And Some Upcoming Changes To This Blog)

Note: At the bottom of this article, I discuss some upcoming changes to the blog. I came across an interesting article on CNBC today about closing credit cards. They offered a piece of advice that I don’t see often but is frequently correct. Should You Close Old Credit Cards? You’ve got that piece of plastic …

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Forget Previous Years’ Empty Threats: This Summer Might Actually Be A Travel Disaster

Every year around this time, a media outlet or two writes an article predicting an upcoming “summer from hell,” predicated on record passenger volumes and airport staffing shortages. And while summers are definitely tougher when it comes to wait times, we can generally fumble our way through. In fact, the last true summer from hell …

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Radisson Rewards Mid-Year Promotion: 3,000 Bonus Points Per Night

Radisson Rewards, the loyalty program for the Radisson Collection and six other brands, has announced its mid-year promotion. It’s pretty straightforward and lasts from May 27 — August 31. Starting with your second stay, you’ll earn 3,000 bonus points per night. It’s not the best promotion that I’ve ever seen from them, but it’s strong compared …

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Clear: Your Accelerated Fast-Pass Through Security

Clear membership cost

I was flying out of Boston’s Logan Airport today when I noticed an addition to the TSA checkpoint: The airport is rolling out Clear lanes in Terminal A. I’ve talked about Clear before, but here’s a quick reminder, since it’s now closing in on four dozen locations. What Is Clear? If TSA precheck is the …

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American Airlines Lowers Some Bag Fees?

Well, this is something that you don’t see every day. According to the Dallas Business Journal, American Airlines is lowering some bag fees. Don’t get too excited if you are an everyday passenger, though. These fees are only on specialty oversized items such as certain musical instruments and sporting equipment. Instead of paying $150 for …

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