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WOW Air Plane Sales Show The Danger Of ULCCs

Well, this isn’t good. It’s been a turbulent year for WOW Air, the Icelandic ultra-low cost carrier carrier. After the losses got too big to handle, it announced that Iceland Air would be buying it. And when that didn’t work out, Indigo Partners, led by airline veteran Bill Franke, stepped in. Now, the airline is …

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Discover 5% Categories Jan-Mar: Grocery Stores


Note: Yesterday’s post reminder appears to have gotten stuck in the upside-down. You can read the post here. Every calendar quarter, Discover It and Discover More cards offer 5% cash back on the first $1,500 in spending in various categories. First Quarter 2019 Here’s an easy one. From January through March, earn 5% back on …

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Capital One Savor: Now In My Wallet

capital one savor

There are competing philosophies around credit card rewards portfolios. For those who want the “set it and forget it” method, the Citi Double Cash Card is probably the best solution. You get 2% on every purchase. No bonus multipliers or quarterly promotions to worry about. You may not always get the single best reward available, …

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What Delta’s New Boarding Zones Mean

delta, boarding zone

Once again, Delta has announced a change to the way it will board planes and, as usual, the new process will be more complicated than the old one. The meaning is simple. Delta is giving up any pretense that it is trying to find the most efficient way to board a plane. Rather, your boarding …

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Delta To Offer “Pay With Miles” Upgrades

delta, upgrade

A few years ago, Delta announced its intention to “sell” 75% of the seats in first class. The airline didn’t actually think that it would get cash for those seats, but it wanted to get something, such as a payment in the form of miles. So here we go. Delta Expands Upgrading with Miles Delta …

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Southwest Credit Card: 60,000 Points. But More Importantly, The Calendar…

southwest, rapid rewards

Southwest Rapid Rewards Card Southwest Airlines runs frequent promotions for its Rapid Rewards Credit Card, but now may be an optimal time to get it, given that we are at the end of the calendar year (More on that later.). I don’t offer Chase cards, but that link will take you directly to Southwest’s website. …

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Chunneling One Off The Bucket List

eurostar, chunnel

For those who do not know, “the Chunnel” is the nickname for the tunnel that runs under the English Channel, ultimately connecting Paris and London in under 2.5 hours. And while the the experience wasn’t nearly as exciting as I hoped it would be, it’s clear that I’ll never be flying from London to Paris …

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Ride Share Rewards Programs

Lyft and Uber are joining the rest of the world with loyalty programs. But one is clearly better. Lyft And Uber Rewards Following an announcement from Uber last month that it would roll out a frequent-flyer style rewards program, Lyft has also announced one, although without nearly the breadth of its Uber counterpart. Lyft is …

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Ultra-Low Cost Airlines: Coming And Going

french bee

The only constant in the airline industry, particularly on the international front, is change. New low-cost startup airlines seem to launch every day, although that could be in the face of the one that started last year ending this year. I don’t know if it’s good or bad, but the air transportation is one of …

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Small Luxury Hotels Of The World: Earn/Redeem Hyatt Points

small luxury hotels of the world, slh

One of the downsides to the Hyatt program is the lack of luxury properties in the system. True, it has Andaz, but that’s had a hard time gaining a presence. Never heard of Andaz? Precisely. Enter Small Luxury Hotels Of The World In lieu of its own hotels, Hyatt has partnered with Small Luxury Hotels …

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