American Express Ramps up Bonuses (Again)

For years, American Express had to live with the ignonymity of being the card that you might want to own, but would rather not use. In other words, the benefits that came with the card might be good, but rewards were not. As others moved to 2% cards, 5X category bonuses, etc., American Express stuck to one mile per dollar, one Membership Rewards (MR) point per dollar, etc. But time and publicity has caught up with them, and they’ve been forced to catch up with the cool kids.

American Express Ramps up Bonuses (Again)


American Express

As long as you can find a small business that takes American Express

After having increased the sign-up bonus for the American Express Business Platinum Card and bonuses for travel and big purchases, the company has also announced that you will earn double points between now and the end of the year for shopping at small businesses.*

So what to do? First, head to their dedicated site and make sure that your card qualifies. Then, visit the small business map to see who is participating. And finally, complete your shopping.

American Express still has a long way to go to catch up with its competitors, but at least it is moving in the right direction.

*I’m as guilty as anyone of buying more than I should on Amazon, so this year, I’m going to make more of an effort to buy gifts from local stores. The price may be a little higher, but there’s a reason that we have so many coffee places and bank branches in locations that used to be small businesses.

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