American Airlines Lowers Some Bag Fees?

Well, this is something that you don’t see every day. According to the Dallas Business Journal, American Airlines is lowering some bag fees. Don’t get too excited if you are an everyday passenger, though. These fees are only on specialty oversized items such as certain musical instruments and sporting equipment. Instead of paying $150 for the items, you’ll pay the standard $30 fee. The reduction is so limited that I normally wouldn’t mention it, but how often do you see an airline cut a fee? That in itself is noteworthy.

american airlines

Keep charging for bags and this is what you’ll eventually see…

The article does note, though, that hang gliders and antlers will still be considered oversized items, leading me to ask the obvious question about who, exactly, is trying to carry through a set of antlers. Is this common? And what if it’s from a really small animal? Can I squeeze those into my backpack?

They also note that American is the only airline to generate over $1 billion in baggage fees, although that represents just under 3% of total revenues. Compare that to Spirit, for whom bags (including carry-ons) represent a whopping 19%.


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