American Airlines Announces Reykjavic Service

Yesterday, American Airlines announced that it would start flying to Reykjavic* in June from its hub in Dallas (DFW). Here’s what we know so far and what I think of it.

Reykjavic And…Dallas?

reykjavic, iceland

A new American Airlines destination. Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Reykjavic has become an incredibly popular tourist destination. At one time, it was seen solely as a cheap way to get to Europe, but people are finally beginning to discover Iceland on its own, where you could easily spend a week or more. I was, however, surprised to see Dallas as the launch city for AA to Iceland, as opposed to one of the east coast hubs.

It’s clear that AA is going after leisure traffic with Iceland as a destination, rather than use it as a connecting point and trying to compete on one-stop trips to Europe (which would not make its partner British Airways particularly happy). There is some element of American protecting Dallas, since both Icelandair and WOW Air fly there, but there’s not a lot of business traffic into the market. Furthermore, there is virtually no connectivity for American passengers. You would have to buy a separate ticket from KEF (Reykjavik’s airport), which would kill any cost advantages for you. AA looks to be connecting traffic from the west coast with this flight.

The other piece worth noting is that AA is flying on a 757-200, which has lie-flat seating in business, as well as upgraded bedding and amenities. Since this is an overnight flight, it might make a good use of your miles. In the back, it’s 3 X 3 seating.

I’ve heard nothing but great things about Iceland, and now you have one more way to get there.


*There is no truth to the rumor that you get a free upgrade if you can spell “Reykjavic” without googling it.


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