American Airlines: 1,050 free miles (free and easy)


American Airlines is giving you 1,050 miles for a few clicks.  You do need a Facebook account (Read here if you hate FB and don’t want to give up your personal info.) to play, but you simply answer a few trivia questions and earn your points.  It goes through May and can be found here.

Note: If you have any questions about the answers, pick the ones that make American Airlines look good.

Frankly, 1,000 miles is not a lot.  One might even ask why bother?  Two reasons:

First, every mile counts.  As few as 15,000 miles can get you an upgrade on AA anywhere in the US.

Second, any activity keeps your account from expiring.  Go too long without any activity in your account and it goes dormant, causing you to lose your miles.

Want to subscribe? Just enter your email in the box above (and to the right) and click on the confirmation. GMailers, check your Social or Promotions boxes!

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And finally, you can apply for credit cards through the Credit Cards for Charity link above. All card proceeds are donated to charity, so please do well by doing good!

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