Airspace Lounges: They’re real, and they’re spectacular (well, pretty good)

A few days ago, I did a review of the Delta JFK Sky Club, a 24,000 square foot upscale airport lounge. I got in because of a credit card, the American Express Platinum card, which gives access to not only their own Centurion lounges but also Delta’s Sky Clubs and Priority Pass lounges, a network of 700 private lounges. Not a bad deal.

Oh, yeah, you also get into Airspace Lounges, a network of four, (Count them, 4!) airport lounges, located in Baltimore, Cleveland, San Diego and New York’s JFK airport. I have to admit, I had no idea what the heck those things were until I popped into one today in Baltimore. And you know what? It was pretty nice.

Anyone can get into the lounge, but the cover charge is $20-25, although it comes with a $7-10 food voucher, which is certainly better than paying $50 for a day pass to a traditional airline lounge. Turns out, though, if you come in with the American Express Platinum or Centurion card, there’s no cover charge, and you still get the food voucher. Yup, they pay you to use the lounge.

The Baltimore lounge was not 24,000 square feet. I’m not even sure that it was 2,400 square feet. But it had free non-alcoholic drinks, light snacks (with heavier ones and harder drinks for sale), Wi-Fi, clean bathrooms and plenty of outlets to plug in your gear. It was not far off the security entrance, located by gate D10.


It's an added bonus when you have the whole place to yourself.

It’s an added bonus when you have the whole place to yourself.

Against the back wall, you have plenty of opportunities to keep yourself caffeinated for the next several hours.


But even without the American Express card, the lounge is a good deal, especially if you are going to be stuck at the airport for a few hours. A $20-25 entry fee, not even including the voucher you get for food or drinks, is a pretty low price for peace and quiet at the airport.

Oh, one more thing: In the past week, I have scared a bunch of people on a flight with a t-shirt, been grounded by the FAA due to a power outage and been part of a mid-air gambling ring. So, as much as I like my miles, I’m pretty happy that I’ll have at least a month off from travel.


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