A few tidbits from around the mileage world…

  • For those of you who have never flown Virgin America, it has a nice product, especially if you find yourself in the front of the plane.  Recently, the company launched an elite status match if you have status with United, American, Delta or Southwest.  Virgin has two levels to its own program, Gold and Silver, and your match will depend on what your status is with the original airline.  The match lasts for 90 days, but if you hit a minimum number of status points on VA during that 90 days, it will extend until the end of 2015.  You earn points at the rate of five per dollar spent and you get a discount on the required points if you apply for a credit card.  If you’ve never flown them before, this might be a good opportunity to take your virgin Virgin flight.
  • Marriott extended its social media program, mentioned here, and made some major changes to it.  You can now earn points four times per day instead of one, but the most you can earn in any click is 25 points, not 250, which you used to be able to get for following a property on Facebook.  You can still earn 2,000 points per month, but your clicking finger will be more tired.

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  • United is offering the opportunity to buy miles and receive a 100% bonus on the number of miles you fly.  Long-time readers know that these mileage purchase deals are never a good deal and should generally be avoided at all costs.  So why am I pointing this offer out?  Just to make sure that new readers know my opinion on the subject.  You can view the offer here.
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