A Few Short JetBlue Updates…

It’s been a quiet week so I’m going to keep it short. There’s a bunch of small things going on with JetBlue now, but they’re worth mentioning.

Updated Schedule

Most legacy carriers show flights for the next 330 days. The discount carriers, however, don’t have the number of connecting passengers that the legacy carriers do, so they can move their schedules around a bit. Of course, that means that they can’t post those schedules a year out, so they tend to role out the ability to buy tickets on a quarterly basis. You can now buy tickets through October 29.

Fare Sales

JetBlue announced another flash fare sale, which they tend to do over one or two day periods. Of course, there are always plenty of restrictions and this one is no exception, requiring Tuesday/Wednesday travel, blackout dates, etc. Still, if you have a free schedule, it’s worth a look.

Credit Cards

On March 20, your JetBlue American Express Card will become a JetBlue Barclays Card. You can’t apply for the American Express card anymore, but I do expect to see promotions for the Barclays Card soon.

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