A Few Promotions Now Available

There’s always a promotion for something in the travel industry, and they’re worth signing up for. If I catch 25% of them, I feel fortunate, since it’s simply impossible to keep up with everything on offer. Still, there are a few around now that may be worth looking at.

Best Western: Stay Two, Get One

best western

You, too, will leap for joy with a free night at Best Western.

The biggest hotel programs tend to get most of the publicity, but it’s often the smaller ones that offer the best deals.

For those of you who are into Best Western, here’s a promo for a free night. Stay with them twice and you’ll pick up a freebie. There are a few restrictions, including the fact that the certificate expires 60 days after you receive it and you need to register.

One interesting point: In their FAQ, Best Western actually addresses the “why do I need to register” question, so a plus to them for candor.

Delta Partner Offer: Up to 10,000 Points

This one’s a little weaker, but again, it’s free, so register.

As you probably know, airlines partner with other businesses to generate revenue from mileage sales. Traditionally, if you access a partner through Delta’s web site, you’ll get miles. Every so often, they’ll give you an added incentive to use those businesses.

Currently, Delta is running such a bonus. You’ll earn 1,000 miles for every new partner that you use. By “new,” they mean that you can’t have earned miles from them since the beginning of 2018. Note that only certain merchants are participating, so be sure to check their restrictions.

Still, it’s free. You might as well sign up and at least have the possibility of a bonus.

Offer first seen at Rene’s Points.

Valentine’s Day Flowers Bonus

And finally, it’s that time of year again. Valentine’s Day is approaching, and you may need a florist. If miles are more important to you than flower quality, look online. Virtually every airline, hotel and other points business partners with e-distributors of gifts, but you’re not going to get the finest product. The distributors partner with local merchants and take a big chunk of the revenue as a commission. If you’re the town florist, who are you going to give your best product to? A regular, or the online merchant who takes your profits. Exactly.


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