700 Free And Easy Miles from American (And A Chance To Win 350,000)

In honor of its 35th anniversary, American Aadvantage, the frequent flyer program for American Airlines, is running a promotion that they call “Miles for Milestones.” In theory, it is a celebration of all the places you can go, and the occasions you can go there for, with miles. In reality, it’s free miles. You can earn up to 700 miles through the promotion and enter for a chance to win 350,000.

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The first part is easy. Just fill out the form and they’ll give you 350 miles, no questions asked. Does 350 miles get you very far? No. Is it free and easy? Yup.

The second part is only a little more difficult. If you use social media to Tweet, Facebook or something else your milestone trip, they’ll give you another 350 miles (The social media form will be available after you enter.).

Don’t have Facebook/Twitter/Whatever account? Read this post on why you should have one and why they’re not as invasive as they look at first.


Filling out the form will enter you into a contest to win one of (35) 350,000 miles prizes. Now, this is important: American will send you a 1099 for the prize, which they value at $6,955. That number values the miles at about two cents each. Yes, you may have to pay taxes on the winnings. Please, see your tax consultant about any tax ramifications.

The Bottom Line

This contest is what I call a “gimme.” You get free miles and do next to nothing for them. Please take advantage of it.

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