500 More Free Points from Virgin America – Takes 15 Seconds

Okay, it may take 30 seconds.

But here’s the deal: Virgin America is really, really good about giving free points. There are constantly offers to get points to sign up for the program, transfer points or sign up for the newsletter. Today, I’m going to talk about the newsletter.

500 Free Elevate Points


Look how excited that little girl is to get 500 free Elevate points!

Virgin America is really, really good at giving away points. I’ve lost track of how many thousands of free points I’ve gotten from them, but it’s easily enough for a flight. Each point is worth two cents (give or take), so you can figure out the value of any deal. There have been free points for newsletters before, such as the hotel newsletter and sports newsletter, both now expired.

The newest one is the All Access Newsletter, which is worth yet another 500 points. Submit your email and your Virgin America Elevate number. That’s it. Unhappy with the newsletter? Cancel it. Or use a secondary email. The bottom line is that they are free points, and Rule #1 is to sign up for any loyalty program, whenever you have the chance.

Never fly Virgin America? Who cares? In a few months, Virgin America and Alaska Air will likely merge, meaning that your Elevate points might move to the Alaska Mileage Plan program. Never fly Alaska? Who cares? They’re partners with American.

The Bottom Line

This offer is what I call a gimme. It’s quick, costs you nothing and gets you an asset. Go ahead and sign up.

And a hat tip to my co-author at Inside Flyer, Brian Cohen, for pointing this one out.



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