April 2019 archive

Out of Office Notice

Hi all, I’m going to be spending a week or so away, so posts will be few, far between or non-existent. Have a great week! Want to subscribe? Just enter your email in the box above (and to the right) and click on the confirmation. GMailers, check your Social or Promotions boxes! Follow me on …

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Getting Free Money From The Airlines For Volunteering

This morning, I packed up my family of four to go from Boston to Orlando, by way of Atlanta (As the old saying goes, it doesn’t matter whether you’re going to heaven or hell. You still have to change planes in Atlanta.). And, to my utter delight, there are only three of us on the …

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Airline Lounges: Your Airport Escape

delta, sky club, airport lounge

Let’s face it: Airports, particularly American airports, are not fun places to hang out. There are rude people, little comfort and exorbitant prices. But having access to a lounge can make the time fly by. Airport Lounges There are two types of airport lounges. First, you have those run by the airlines themselves. Usually, you …

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Discover Deals Are Dead

I’ll end the week with some sad news, although it really isn’t news, since it happened six months ago. Discover Deals are dead.* Discover Deals Have Ended At the end of October, Discover folded its “Discover Deals (DD)” program. DD was a cash-back shopping portal that gave you money back for making purchases at participating …

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Finding The Best Seat On Your Flight

One of the most common questions that I see about flights is regarding which seat to book. Nobody wants to get stuck in the middle seat in front of the lavatory, of course, but how do you know which one has less legroom or limited seat recline. Several months ago, I wrote an article about …

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