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Should You Buy Miles From United?


Well, maybe. Selling miles is an easy way for airlines to make some quick cash. Since there is no governor on mileage inflation, if too many miles get sold, they’ll simply raise amount of miles that a ticket costs. Apparently, it’s that time of year, since United is winding down a mileage sale,* as well. …

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Should You Buy Miles Directly From American?


If you don’t have enough miles for your next great trip, the airlines are always happy to sell you the difference. Usually, the amount that they charge you per mile is punitive. In other words, the cost of the miles greatly exceeds their value. Sometimes, though, they’ll offer a discount. And while I don’t normally …

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Starbucks “Enhances” Rewards Program

Starbucks rewards

Uh oh. Today, I got an email from Starbucks about the rewards program. The headline, of course, is a positive one. More choices for rewards, starting April 16. And what could be bad about more choices? More Rewards, Less Value The problem with these “enhancements” are that they are anything but. Because while you now …

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Mastercard Introduces New “Free Trial” Rules

credit card, mastercard

I’m surprised that I missed this one. Starting April 12, Mastercard will introduce new rules regarding free trials. And while it will only apply to physical products, it’s an important step in helping consumers who subscribe for something and then can’t figure out how to get the merchant to stop. It’s big enough that I’m …

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Discover Announces Spring 5% Categories (For An Easy $75)

discover it

The Discover It cash back card represents one of the best unknown values in credit card land. It doesn’t come with a sexy sign-up bonus, but it’s quarterly bonuses more than make up for that. Let’s take a look at the card. Discover Cards (Overall) Discover is one of the strongest cards when it comes …

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Marriott Double Take Offer (Double Points)


I still can’t get used to calling the Marriott Rewards program “Bonvoy.” I’m sure they paid consultants millions of dollars to come up with that ridiculous name. I would have done it for half of that price. Marriott Bonvoy Double Take At least their next promotion is decent. Double Take is as the name sounds: …

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Traveling To Europe Could Get Tougher…

Quick, but important, note today. Starting in 2021, Americans (as well as citizens of several other countries) will need authorization to travel to Europe. While not a visa per se, it’ll still cost you about $8 and have to be done in advance of your trip to the continent. Called ETIAS, it’s similar to the …

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It’s Tax Time, So Make A Few Bucks

With changes in the tax laws this year affecting refunds and potentially kicking you from a refund to a payment, it’s time to try and figure out a few ways to minimize the pain. So how about using your credit card to pay the IRS? How to Make Money by Paying Taxes   Remember, nothing …

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IHG Credit Card Now Up To 120,000 Points

ihg rewards, credit card

Part of the problem with having your computer repaired is that you miss out on a lot of the current buzz. For some, it’s celebrities and TMZ. For me? Miles and Hotel Points. IHG Credit Cards One of the things that I missed out on was an increase in the sign-up bonus for the IHG …

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The Basics Of Hotel Points Redemptions

Marriott Bonvoy, hotel points

A few weeks ago, I did a piece on redeeming miles. It can be a complicated process, if you’re lucky enough to get a seat at all. Redeeming points for hotel rooms is a somewhat easier process, and a bit more rewarding. As a whole, rewards per dollar spent at hotels come at a higher …

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