January 2019 archive

Weekend News From The World Of Travel

Another exciting weekend, as the government shutdown continues to hit airports and football fans begin booking flights to Atlanta. And if you want to spend some time in Canada, here’s a United flight for you… TSA Absenteeism Reaching 10% The TSA issued a report that said that absenteeism reached 10% yesterday. That compares to 3.1% …

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Hotel Updates: Radisson, Marriott

Radisson Rewards

Radisson Rewards (Formerly Club Carlson) You know the hotel business is doing well when even the good rewards programs have lousy promotions. Sigh. Welcome to the jungle, Radisson Rewards. This is a loyalty plan that I once referred to as the little program that could, given their generous bonuses and inexpensive prices. Not this quarter, …

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Airport Security: Government Shutdown Edition

I’ve always thought that it would be fun to be the person at Disney World who is responsible for figuring out the logistics to keep the lines as short as possible. It seems very satisfying to knock off a minute or two before Mickey. This week, it looks like airports may need to borrow some …

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Southwest Offering Companion Pass With EVERY New Credit Card

southwest, chase, credit card, companion pass

And now it gets interesting… It was only a few weeks ago that Southwest was offering 60,000 points to sign up for its Chase credit card. That was a great deal, particularly at the start of a new year. And now they’re dwarfing it. Companion Passes for Everyone One of the best elite perks in …

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Cruise Lines: Learning From The Airlines (And It’s Not A Good Lesson)

I’m a big fan of cruising and tend to write a lot about them. They’re an excellent value and can be a good way to see multiple locations on the same trip. But one of the trends in the industry, particularly in the mass market, is troubling: fees. Cruise Lines: Not The New Airlines, But… …

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Tuesday Travel Tidbits: Bathroom Beauty, Boutique Airlines, DC Shutdown

la guardia

Another week, another Tuesday. Or something like that. Here are a few tidbits that struck my fancy this week. La Guardia’s Fancy Bathrooms Every week, Wall Street Journal author Scott McCartney writes a column called “The Middle Seat.” It tends to take a look at some of the more neglected areas of travel. And traditionally, …

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IHG Winter Promotion: Free Nights. Faster.

intercontinental, free nights faster

IHG (InterContinental, Holiday Inn, several other brands) has announced its winter promotion, and it continues a long tradition of individualized bonuses. Based on your previous stay patterns, IHG gives you a number of “tasks.” You can complete one or all of them, but usually get extra points if you finish them. I’ve always loved the …

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RIP, Herb Kelleher

The airline industry lost a titan yesterday, with the passing of Southwest’s founder, Herb Kelleher. It would not be an exaggeration to state that, if there were a Mount Rushmore of modern aviation, he’d surely be on it. Herb was 87 (going on 18). I only met Herb a few times at industry events, and …

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WSJ: Credit Card Companies Cutting Back Bonuses

Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal introduced the new year with an article that may be unwelcome to some members of the points community. Turns out that banks have made a resolution to go on a diet, as well. Problem is, their diet means cutting back on points that they are giving away, not taking in. …

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