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An Airline Versus The Government: Who Do I Root For?


The airlines and the government have a love-hate relationship, even more so than most companies and the politicians. On the one hand, they rely on the regulators to be somewhat kind to them. On the other hand, they have to deal with endless complaints from the public, usually around the same time a Congressman’s flight …

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Using Proprietary Card “Currency” For The Best Seats

Credit card rewards aren’t just points and miles. Most of the major card issuers can get you cash or travel rewards, but some pay in their own “proprietary” currency, as well. You’ve probably heard of them: American Express has Membership Rewards (MR) points; Citibank has ThankYou points (TYP); Chase has Ultimate Rewards (UR). The rationale …

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Southwest Airlines: Is Any Seat Worth $100?

There may be no airline craftier than Southwest. They’ve created a folksy image as an “Aw, shucks” airline and positioned themselves as the underdog but, over time, they’ve been nothing but a profit beast, outshining their larger competitors by leaps and bounds. One of the images that they portray is that of a fee-free carrier. …

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Weekend Deals: Club Carlson, JetBlue

club carlson

A few deals as we head into the weekend… 30% Off At Club Carlson If you do a lot of leisure travel and/or don’t want to pay the big bucks for a room, Club Carlson may be the perfect program for you. They have tons of hotels, don’t charge crazy rates and have lots of …

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Four Ways Not To Get Upgraded (And One Way Succeed)

Every once in a while, I’ll see an article titled something along the lines of “Five Secret Ways to Get An Upgrade.” They are always good for a laugh, since these methods are rarely secret and even more rarely effective. And while there might have been a time when people in suits got upgraded, those …

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JetBlue’s Mint Continues to Expand

jetblue, mint

I got a reminder today from JetBlue that Mint Service, JetBlue’s premium product, is available for booking from Boston to Seattle. And the beat goes on. JetBlue As Industry Disruptor When JetBlue announced its Mint product several years ago, I anticipated an expensive failure. JetBlue was, at that time, a leisure carrier whose profitability was …

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How Technology Has Changed Hotels

Every year during February’s “ski week” school vacation, I have an industry conference that I attend (not the travel industry, fortunately). The hotel that hosts the conference can be charitably described as “classic.” Rooms are tiny, there’s not much in the way of technology and service is a bit stuffy. Still, I don’t spend a …

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When Does Paying An Annual Credit Card Fee Make Sense?

Earlier today, I got a question about the JetBlue credit card. The card is one of my favorites and has some unique benefits. Of course, if you never fly JetBlue, you’re probably not going to be interested. The question I got was about whether the writer should get the card, but there’s a second question …

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A New Hyatt Promotion

Apparently, I was the only person in the mileage world yesterday who didn’t write about the new Hyatt promotion so, I dunno, my bad, I guess. World Of Hyatt First Quarterish Promotion Hey, there’s a new Hyatt promotion! It’s actually straightforward, even if it’s not terribly rewarding. Register by March 31 and stay February 15 …

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Norwegian Air Lost A Lot Of Money This Quarter. Why You Should Care.

norwegian air

I don’t spend a lot of time talking about either international airlines or airlines’ financials. They are two interesting subjects, but probably for another blog at another time. So why is today different from all other days? Norwegian Air Shuttle Lost A Lot Of Money Norwegian Air Shuttle is a European ultra-low cost carrier (ULCC),* similar …

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