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Hilton HHonors: 1,250 Bonus Points at E-Rewards

Must be survey week in mileage land. Last week, I discussed earning bonus points with United at Opinion Miles Club. This week, my survey email was for 1,250 Hilton HHonors points at E-Rewards. You’ll get the points when you sign up and complete the brief survey. E-Rewards Of all the various “survey for miles” sites, …

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Surveys for United Miles with Opinion Miles Club

opinion miles club

Doing surveys for miles is fun and easy. Well, it’s easy, anyway, but small chunks of miles can add up to big numbers. Some half-hearted work on e-Rewards, for instance has gotten me 7,000 points year to date. Had I really focused on it, it probably could have been double that number. That may not sound …

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Hotel Elite Programs: The More Things Change…


Hotel programs are generally a little bit behind airline programs, but they got one thing right when they started: They reward people based on dollars spent, rather than some other factor that may or may not be tied to their revenues. What Hyatt Did There’s a rumor that Hyatt is about to gut its elite …

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Will Southwest Airlines Implement New Bag Fees?

bank of america premium rewards

My primary goal with this blog is to provide assistance to those who are novices in the frequent flyer game (or just like a good read). Thus, the “101” moniker. Every so often, though, I find a topic that’s interesting enough that it’s worth taking it up a notch. Today provides one such opportunity. Has …

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“Previous Bookings Do Not Qualify for The Promotion”


JetBlue put out a very interesting promotion yesterday, offering bonuses on its new Boston – LaGuardia flights. It has a “1-2-3” structure, which you’ll see below. What makes it particularly intriguing is that fares are starting at $34 on a one-way basis. The Promotion Fly between Boston and LaGuardia during the promotional period and they’ll …

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Bonus Miles to Australia or New Zealand

bonus miles to australia or new zealand

The Crocodile Dundee obsession may have died out two decades ago (three decades?), but American is announcing a new promotion to Australia, anyway. And, just for good measure, they’re throwing in New Zealand. Up to 50,000 Bonus Miles American is offering a promotion that we see frequently: bonus miles to a particular destination during what …

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Two Airline Programs That Will Give You Free Points

Nothing like free points to get the fingers typing. Here are two programs that will do so: airberlin Despite their lack of capital letters, I really like the airberlin program. airberlin is one of the largest airlines that you’ve never heard of, as the second largest in Germany and a member of the oneworld alliance, …

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Department Of Transportation Addresses Minor Issues

Yesterday, the Department Of Transportation (DOT) put out a press release heralding their latest accomplishments in the name of consumers. It wasn’t much, of course. It rarely is. But what caught my eye was how easily the airlines could have addressed many of the issues they “fixed” without involving the government. What Was It? There …

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Reminder: Don’t Buy Miles from An Airline (Usually)

buying miles

This is why we can’t have nice things. I know that this is a subject that I beat to death, but it’s an important one. I get questions about the value of buying miles directly from an airline, but I rarely see a deal where it works in your favor. This Again? Over the past …

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JetBlue (2-Day) And Virgin America (Today Only!) Offering Fare Sales

Note: I’ve swiped today’s post from the one I wrote at InsideFlyer. The bit about Virgin America at the bottom is all shiny and new, however. JetBlue is known for its two-day flash sales, but the sales are traditionally limited. They might target a certain destination or limit themselves to JetBlue Getaways. It’s rare that you get …

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