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Feb 12

Zorkfest: A Las Vegas Extravaganza

My friend Mike writes the blog Travelzork, a site that does for Las Vegas and gambling what I attempt to do for miles (although he generally does it much better). If you have any interest in gaming, his is a site worth visiting, since he knows all the tricks to earn points and freebies at casinos.

Once per year, Mike has a gathering called Zorkfest, which is a full-day (and a half) seminar on everything from casino loyalty programs to generating comps*, even if you’re not a big hitter. Sign up for this year’s event,¬†which is taking place Memorial Day weekend, is taking place soon. He’s offering a discount for using code¬†Zork360, and Treasure Island, the host hotel, is also offering discount rates.

Go Via Southwest…


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If you want your airline ticket to be taken care of, as well, hurry and take advantage of the 50,000 point signup bonus with the Southwest Airlines credit card. 50,000 points will easily get you to Vegas and back and will also get you about half way to a Southwest Companion Pass.

*Beginner’s Hint: “Comps” are simply freebies that you get for playing and staying at a casino. The most basic comp is a free drink. The most complex comp is, well, let your imagination run. If you’re willing to throw down $100K per hand of blackjack, they’ll do just about anything for you. Want a $5,000 per night villa at The Mansion, or even a $1,000 per room SkyLoft? No problem, just throw down your chips.



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