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Feb 06

You Can Get Miles For Valentine’s Day (But Do You Want Them?)

Well, it’s that time of year, when you look at your calendar and realize that Valentine’s Day is only a week away. And since flowers always do the trick, you head to your favorite shopping site and see that they are shoveling out miles to buy online. But is this one of those occasions when you don’t want to order for the points?

Shopping Wisely And Skipping Miles

delta, flowers

Sure, you can get a ton of points for doing your shopping online. Delta, for instance, is offering 30 miles per dollar spent at FTD. And I always encourage shopping through a portal to pick up extra points.

In this case, though, I would hold back on doing so. Flowers aren’t a commodity. If you order a book, for example, you’ll get the same book no matter where you order from. But the vast majority of the large floral wire companies (1800flowers, FTD, etc.) simply farm your order out to a local florist and, because they take such a high percentage of the sale price, the florists barely make any money on these sales. So if a local florist has good roses and bad roses to distribute, guess who is going to get the bad ones? In this case, you’re better off skipping the bonus miles and going straight to the store.

And the last thought: If you’re going to order from a wire service anyway, you might as well get the maximum rebate available. Check out this post on triple dipping.


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