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Aug 04

Weird Weekend Travel News

Smelly luggage, ghosts in the machine and hungry reporters make up some of the stories that I’ve seen in the past 24 hours. Enjoy.

Nashville Needs Plumbing

Obviously, it’s okay to destroy any of these bags.

A few Southwest passengers have encountered a problem that even I couldn’t prepare for: Sewage at the Nashville Airport soaked 200 bags after a toilet overflowed in a woman’s bathroom that was, sadly, positioned right over the baggage handling area.* Apparently, some passengers decided to continue on their journey, anyway, even with their redesigned luggage, so we’ll assume that those were the passengers who were unaffected.

Southwest has said that it is offering replacement bags on a “case-by-case basis,” which I guess can be taken literally. No word, though, on whose job it is to do the sniff test on the bag and decide if it makes the grade.

Come Play With Us, Danny…

The Shining is one of the scariest movies that I have ever seen, so I am somewhat partial to those who are creeped out by old hotels. Having said that, I think you have to have proof of twin girls in blue dresses before you get to count paranormal activity against the hotel in your TripAdvisor reviews. Thus, I’m not ready to pass judgment on this request from an Air India flight crew to change hotels because their current one is uncomfortable due to “paranormal activity and negative energies.” It does seem like something difficult to document but, on the other hand, it gives me another excuse to use next time I get assigned to a hotel that doesn’t give me my preferred reward currency.

The matter is “under investigation.”

Hat tip: VFTW

Things Fall Apart

Waiting in line at the food court?

In case anyone hasn’t noticed, air travel isn’t particularly comfortable. Combine a mechanical, weather and a reporter and you are bound to hear about it.

This reporter chronicled her 38 hour delay in Philadelphia in breathtaking fashion. Would she get to LA? Did she and Carter ever get to watch The Lego Batman Movie? Did Auntie Anne’s run out of those cinnamon topped pretzel bites?

Look, I get it, air travel is bad. But if we chronicled every overnight delay, it would break the internet, though actions like theĀ David Dao incident don’t help matters. But it’s just another reason to be prepared, no matter what the causes are. A lounge pass and a backup plan would have saved a lot of headaches and gotten access to some food.

Let’s not blame this one on the passenger, though (melodramatic article aside). The airline got hit by a bad combination of events, but there are some basics that they should have taken care of.

  • Communication needs to be better. Lower staffing levels at airports, however, means that each employee is doing that much more. Still, I don’t understand why the customer service line was three hours long? Doesn’t anyone have a telephone?
  • It shouldn’t have taken all day for American to bring out food. This one should be easy. Fed passengers tend to be happy(ier) passengers, particularly the little ones. I understand you don’t want to send the message, “You’re going to be stuck here.,” but, well, they were stuck there. Get a few bags of pretzels and some apples or something.
  • Don’t ever start an announcement by saying, “Well, folks…” It’s just bad form.

And finally, remember, it’s summer travel. On a good day, summer air travel is miserable. On a bad day, well, it’s bad. But the overcrowded planes and sudden lightning storms will continue for another month or two. Be prepared.


*Despite copious possibilities for puns in this post, I have decided to take the high road and avoid the opportunity. Thank you for your understanding.


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