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Jan 29

Weird News In The World Of Travel…

It’s Monday, so let’s keep things light. Here are a few of the more, um, “interesting” stories that I’ve seen over the past week or so.

Should’ve Gone to Home Depot…

air force one

No, the turkey didn’t come with it. Or did it?

The White House is taking a little flak for doing a bit of home renovations to Air Force One, with the new chilling units coming in at $24 million. The units are apparently meant to hold enough food to cover a “short-term” food shortage, although there’s no definition of what a shortage is. It was a “sole-source” contract, meaning that it was done without a bid, but that’s nothing unusual for the White House on either side of the aisle.

Now, I know you have a few questions, as do I. In particular:

  • What kind of warranty does that come with? Extended? Do they do mid-air repairs?
  • Are you supposed to tip the delivery guy?
  • Does the price mean that the !@#$&#@$ ice maker won’t break?

Enquiring minds want to know.

Serial Stowaway Stopped Saturday

Marilyn Hartman, known as the “serial stowaway” for her multiple attempts over the years to board a plane without a ticket, was arrested at O’Hare, only three days after boarding a BA flight and making it to the UK before being stopped for not having her passport. I’m somewhat surprised, that, given the number of times that Ms. Hartman has made a run for the border, you would think that she would be prepared. Still, forgetting a passport can happen to anyone.

No word on how she made it through security without a ticket, although I’m sure that they stopped her from bringing any bottled water or shampoo through.

TSA Wins An Oscar

Speaking of our friends at my favorite federal agency, TSOs (TSA Officers) are celebrating having finally won an Oscar for their fine work. Okay, not quite, but it’s a little sad that they’re getting excited about one of their own being a hero in a movie.*

Yes, I understand that the TSA doesn’t get portrayed positively in the media very frequently. Gee, I wonder why? This giant version of the Stanford Prison Experiment has managed to make itself into a running joke, one which we’re told to grin and bear, even as it potentially kills more people than it saves.**

Hey, if this character wants to tell people that he’s a detective, more power to him. Anything can be true in the movies.


*If you haven’t seen “Get Out,” you’re missing one of the best films of the year.

**For those who want to read about the TSA from a strictly numbers point of view, this article is worth your time.


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