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Nov 22

Up to 1,500 free United miles (including an easy 500 for free)

Today, I’m introducing a category that I am going to call “gimmes.”  A “gimme” is an offer where you have to do virtually nothing to get free miles.  The mileage amounts aren’t huge, but they’re free and they add up.

United Airlines has partnered with an organization called MyPoints.  MyPoints gives you their own proprietary points for clicking on ads, making purchases, etc.  They often have very good offers for buying gift cards (e.g., buy a Cheesecake Factory or Applebee’s gift card and get several hundred points).  Points are worth just under a penny per point and can be traded in for anything from gift cards to frequent flyer miles.

Here’s the gimme: Just by signing up at this link, you get 500 United Airlines miles.  That’s it.

If you do make a purchase through MyPoints (There are generally better sites out there for shopping.) within 30 days, you’ll get an additional 1,000 United Airlines miles.  The extra 1,000 isn’t as strong a deal as the gimme because you can generally do better elsewhere for online shopping, even with the bonus miles thrown in.

Note: MyPoints sends several emails per day with points opportunities.  Many of them are simply “Click on the ad and get five MyPoints points,” but if you don’t want to get all their mail, set up a separate email account that you check less frequently.

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And finally, you can apply for credit cards through the Credit Cards for Charity link above. All card proceeds are donated to charity, so please do well by doing good!

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