United Partner Offer, Possibly Targeted

Keep your eyes open for a partner offer from United, which may or may not be targeted.*

Yesterday, I was reading a book about Las Vegas and thinking about the subject of casino complimentary gifts, or “comps.” A comp is a free perk that a casino gives you, whether it’s a free meal, a suite for a week or any of the above. Generally, the more you play, the better your perks**, but anybody can get the lowest level of comps just for walking in: a free drink. Sit at a machine and, even if you aren’t playing, a cocktail waitress will likely be over in minutes to take your order.

United’s Partner Offer


My path to a few extra points.

I do very little with United but somehow got targeted for one of their partner offers. It’s like a low-end casino comp. It’s not the greatest perk (up to 3,000 miles), but it costs me very little and will not require much work. Essentially, over the next seven weeks, I have to earn points with up to three qualifying partners to get the bonus miles. And who are the qualifying partners? I’m glad you asked.


They seem to have made it as simple as possible. Opinion Miles Club is a survey site, so I could simply take a survey. MileagePlus shopping is the shopping portal. I’ll probably buy something over the next few weeks that I could tie in with one of their merchants.*** MileagePlus X is a bricks and mortar shopping app, while Dining gives you points for eating at particular restaurants. In other words, It will cost me virtually no time or incremental dollars to earn the extras.

It costs you nothing to register so, even if you don’t intend to take part, it’s worth signing up if you get the offer.


*Beginner’s Hint: A targeted offer is one that is sent to only a certain group of people. You may be able to sign up for the promotion if you were not a recipient, but you may not get credited a bonus, even if you complete the requirements of the offer.

**If you are interested in gaming comps, I highly advise that you read Travelzork, which is written by my friend Mike. His is one of the few blogs that I know that concentrates on gambling and Las Vegas, and he’s an expert on earning comps without spending a lot of money to do so.

***While the shopping portal may help you earn mileage with this promotion, it’s probably not the best way to earn miles or money for shopping. I discuss portals in more depth here.


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