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Mar 04

Two thoughts on magazines

Not always a hot topic in the world, but magazines are a big topic for airline miles.

1) Earning miles: Somebody always has a promo going for magazines.  It’s a purchase you should never make without getting something back for it.  In this case, Delta is offering 15 miles/dollar at their online store.  But the better deal is at Mr. Rebates, which is offering a whopping 22% back for all magazine purchases.  All other things being equal, cash is always better, particularly when it’s at such a premium.

2) Redeeming miles: Here’s another thing to consider: Miles on certain airlines often expire.  Check with your program to see the expiration date, but if you have a few miles sitting in an account and don’t plan on flying the airline anytime soon, cash out for a magazine.  The cheapest ones are usually only about a thousand miles and any activity generally resets the clock on expiration.  You don’t even have to want the magazine you purchase with miles, you just need to keep your account active.  1,000 miles is a cheap price.

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