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May 06

Two Quick Roads to JetBlue’s Mosaic Status

For some, elite status, or the extra perks that come from being a frequent flyer, are extremely important. For others, they could take it or leave it. If you’re in the latter category, take the blue pill and I’ll see you tomorrow. In the former, however, here’s your red pill; let’s jump into the rabbit hole.

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I’ve slowly grown to appreciate JetBlue’s Mosaic program. It gives you a lot of the perks that other airlines’ programs give you, including premium lines (at check-in, security and boarding), two free bags, a dedicated customer service phone number (which is important at JetBlue, since the queues frequently get long) and bonus TrueBlue points. Unfortunately, you get no upgrade benefits, other than the ability to use your points to upgrade to Even More Space seats.

But there is one benefit that trumps almost anything else that’s offered at other airlines: They’ve eliminated change and cancellation fees for not only the Mosaic passenger but also, anyone on their itinerary. So if you are Mosaic and you need to cancel your family’s trip to Florida at the last minute, you can do so with no fees. If the fare drops between the time you purchased and your flight, you can simply call them and they’ll give you a credit for the difference (Remember when everyone used to do that?). This is a very, very powerful tool and is reason in and of itself to try to achieve Mosaic status.

Normally, to earn Mosaic, you need to earn 15,000 flight points or fly 30 segments and earn 12,000 flight points. Since one dollar spent is equal to three flight points, you’ll need to spend at least $4,000 to earn Mosaic status. Ouch. You can also earn it by having the JetBlue Plus credit card and spending $50,000 in a calendar year.

But now, JetBlue has introduced a promotion that gives you a couple of other ways to earn status. Be aware that these are traditionally limited-time only. If you are not able to access the link, try logging out of your JetBlue account first.

Status Match

Got status with another airline? JetBlue is offering to match you for the rest of 2016. Not every elite status will qualify and you typically need to be at the second “rung” of the other airline’s tiers. But a status match is quick, easy and free. Here’s who qualifies:

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 5.41.13 PM

Status Challenge

Don’t have status with any other airlines but do have a lot of upcoming flying with JetBlue? They have a status challenge for you. After you register, you’ll have 90 days to earn 3,750 status points, the equivalent of $1,250 in spend. Note: Multiply that by four and you’ll get the 15,000/$5,000 you need for a full year, so you’re not getting a discount on what you need to earn to achieve status (Technically, in fact, you’re paying a bit more.). But a status challenge helps those people whose travel is bunched up into smaller time frames.

The Bottom Line

Elite status is good. Easy elite status is better. If you have any chance of matching or challenging for status, take advantage of it.

Final note of thanks to Mark @MOpoints for telling me about the status match. Mark is one of the most thorough guys that I know when it comes to points.




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