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Jan 09

TSA ID Trial, JetBlue Sale, Silvercar Upgrade

Good morning, and welcome to some Tuesday news.

TSA Efficiency Trial


I don’t think that they’re too worried about lobsters.
Care of TSA’s Instagram

The TSA appears to be continuing its trial of eliminating the need to show your boarding pass as you head through security. The TSO will scan your ID, which I assume is linked to your known traveler number and the airline’s reservation system (The TSO was able to identify that the woman in front of me was not a pre-check member and sent her back to the check-in desk.). I got it this morning at Boston, but it has been in trial around the country for a few months.

While it will save a little time to eliminate the boarding pass check, I’m still confused by the need to check boarding passes or ID at all. If the TSA is doing its job, the metal detector or body scanner should catch whatever they’re looking for, anyway.

JetBlue Sale


JetBlue has announced a winter flash sale, with fares bookable through tomorrow, for flights between January 16 and April 25. The list is not necessarily comprehensive, so take a look to see what’s available. There do, however, appear to be a good number of fares available for flights from colder locations to warmer locations. I would expect that holiday periods would be blacked out.

Silvercar Adding Audi Q5s 


You could be driving this car, and at a decent price.

Silvercar, the Audi-only rental company, is upsizing its fleet by adding Audi Q5 crossover SUVs. Now, you can get an A4 or a Q5 when you rent from the company, making the offering more appealing to large groups than it had been previously.

Silvercar is a rental car disruptor, adding a number of nice features to an industry that hasn’t changed in decades. Obviously, renting only Audis is a start, but there’s more. There’s no waiting in line or complicated paperwork to fill out. Rather, they’ll pick you up. Likewise, that whole “refuel within five miles of the airport is gone.” Rather, you just pay $5 when you return the car and they’ll do it for you. The cars come equipped with Wi-Fi, Sirius XM radio and GPS.

Oddly, the price difference between Silvercar and standard rental cars is rarely exorbitant, and first-time users get 30% off their rentals. And if you sign up using my referral code of WLMTSFOR, we each get $25. For that kind of deal, it’s worth taking a look at, and I thank you in advance for using my referral.


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