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Jun 21

The New Costco Anywhere Visa Card

It’s finally available. With Costco having dumped American Express as a partner and moved on to Citibank, the Costco credit card is changing and, for the most part, it’s changing for the better.

costco anywhere

New and Improved Rewards

The Rewards

The Costco Anywhere card comes with a nice mix of rewards. It starts off with 4% back on gas purchases. It’s also worth noting that it does not have to be a Costco gas station; any old station will do. Once you’ve spent $7,000 on gas, the reward drops to 1%.

Other types of shopping provide different benefits. Restaurants and travel will get you 3%, while shopping at Costco (or is worth 2%. Outside of those merchants, everything is a 1% return, and there are dozens of cards which will give you back more than a percent, so use one of those when not shopping in a bonus category.

What To Know

  • The card has no annual fee, but you do need to be a Costco member to get one. It comes in both a standard and business version.
  • While benefits may be worldwide, fees are, as well. The card has a 3% foreign transaction fee so, if you are abroad, be sure to use one without a fee.
  • You can use any Visa card at Costco, not just the Costco Visa. So if you have a Visa card with rotating 5% categories, such as the Chase Freedom card, be sure to use that card at Costco during the period when warehouse clubs are the bonus category.


While Costco Amex members should have already received their new Citibank card, it is now possible for anybody with a Costco membership to apply. To do so, click on the banner below:


At the top of the screen, you’ll see a set of drop downs. Click on the one labeled “Card Type” and choose the Citi option. The Costco cards will be the first ones. Enjoy!

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.


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