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Sep 28

The best everyday credit card: Citi Double Cash

Okay, that’s kind of an unfair title. There’s no such thing as a single credit card that is best for everyone. But, if you aren’t playing the game where you try to max out every category, it might just be easier to take a very good return on every purchase. The easiest way to do that is with the Citi Double Cash card.

  • There’s no annual fee
  • The card pays 2% on every purchase, with no caps.

That’s the way it should be. Two bullet points, no muss, no fuss. There are cards that pay bonus based on rotating categories, but they generally pay 1% on the rest of your spending. If you don’t want to be tracking categories (which is a really fun game, by the way), the Double Cash card is your go-to first card.

Exceptions: There are two exceptions in the “every day, no complications” category:

  • The Citi card comes with no sign-up bonus and does have a foreign transaction fee. If those are important to you, I would recommend the Capital One Venture card, a 2% travel card. It has a $400 sign-up bonus and the $59 annual fee is waived the first year. In theory, points have to go toward travel expenses to get the full 2%, but they never expire and Capital One is very generous about what it will consider travel. You’ll have no problem using them.
  • If you keep more than $50,000 at Bank of America, ignore all off the above and get the BankAmericard Travel Reward card. You’ll get cash back toward travel at the rate of 2.25-2.63%, depending on your balance, on every purchase you make.

Bottom line: I have a lot of fun picking through the pieces to find the best deal on every purchase. Some people do not. If you’re in the latter category, the Citi Double Cash card should serve you just fine. All cards can be found through the banners at the bottom of this pageThe Citi card is through the second (cash back) banner, the other two through the third (travel and miles) banner. Thank you very much for using my links when applying for any card. I really do appreciate it.

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