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Aug 21

Thanks Again: Yet Another Rewards Program

While I thank you all for reading and taking advantage of the blog, in this case, the title refers to something different. That “something different” is Thanks Again, a credit card linked rewards program.

Thanks Again

thanks again

Thanks Again

Thanks Again is a partner-based program linked to your credit card. Spend money at their partners and you will earn points based on your spending. Simple enough, and similar to many other programs. Thanks Again itself has actually gone through several iterations and never struck me as the most valuable offering.

The “hook,” so to speak, is that most of their partners are located at airports, and only certain airports participate. There are partners not located at airports, and you can search by zip code to find them, but those partners are few and far between. For example, a search of my metro area gave me 16 partners, and six of them were branches of Kung Fu Tea.

The program isn’t great, but it has a lot of redemption options and it’s free, meaning that there is nothing to lose by signing up.

Free Hilton Points

Having said that, you can start off with 1,000 points for free by signing up through the Hilton link. You may be locked into Hilton as a redemption option (I haven’t been able to get through to customer service to determine if you can change your rewards.), so you can always sign up on the general page and be eligible for all prizes.

So what would improve this program? More spending partners. The value of these programs is tied to how easy they are to use, and this one doesn’t have a lot, particularly outside of the airport. And even the airports need help. Several major ones, such as Boston Logan and La Guardia, don’t have any offerings.


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